Boring Rocks Texture Pack

July 21, 2011

This weekend the Dorks were out and about looking to shoot an amplitude of fantastic photos. Plus, it was “Carmageddon” and there was almost nobody, and we mean nobody, on the road so they tried to take advantage of the situation and did a lot of driving all over the place. They got a lot of great shots, but while doing all this driving it left them with a great amount of discussion time and that led to the inevitable “So what textures are we gonna release this week?”

Well, they knew what they wanted to release but they had no name, now I know what your thinking… how hard can it be to come up with a name for a pack full of fantastical stones of epicness? Well it’s not as easy as you think…they fought over the name for a better part of the day and eventually came to a stale mate. Which led to one of them just saying, “lets be honest they’re just rocks…” And the Boring Rocks Textures pack was born!

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