Viddy™: App Review

February 01, 2012

Recently we stumbled upon this new free App called Viddy™. This app is a simple and clean way to record short clips and share them with a wide variety of social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and also the Viddy community. When we first saw Viddy™ we were both a little skeptical about the idea of having yet another app for recording and sharing videos. We were also a bit weary of its fairly small community, but regardless we decided to give it a try.

First thing both of us instantly liked was it’s clean and sleek interface, the Icons were all very well designed, making it pretty easy to jump right into recording our first video. The video recoding interface is very intuitive making it very easy to use, it also allows the use of the front or back facing camera. There are also advanced options, like focus lock, exposure lock, and also a timer giving you a little bit more control than your standard iphone camera app. Once you’ve recorded a 15 second video, or selected a video from your library and trimmed it down, then you get to move on to, what we think is the most unique part of this app, the Effects section.

The effects section gives you a chance to deck out your new video with a bunch of free filters, kind of like Instagram™, there were 13 at the time this was written. All the filters that we tried out had both audio and visual elements to them. Some of them enhance the video and give it a cool vintage look with some pretty decent music behind it, while others were a bit crazy and over the top.  In addition to the free filters there are also a bunch of paid filters like the exclusive Muppets filter and also a T-pain filter, that are sold for $0.99 in viddy’s built in marketplace.

Once your done adding effects then you just need to slap a title and description on your video, choose which social networks you want to share it with and just hit post. It’s pretty much that easy. A couple other things to notice about this app is the feed, letting you keep track of all the people you follow, similar to Twitter™ and its seamless transition from phone to browser. Where you can keep up with the Viddy community while not on your phone!

So overall we both a had a pretty great experience with Viddy™ and will probably be using it on and off for awhile. We recommend people check it out, its free and almost all of the videos on our feed have been pretty interesting, especially the ones where they don’t speak english and we have no idea whats going on in them. If you do happen to download the app feel free to add either of us, we are always looking for new ways to connect with our readers.

If you have an opinion about Viddy™ we want to know. leave us a comment or hit us on Twitter (@studiodork),, or drop us an email on the contact section of our site.

Thanks for reading and Stay Dorky!

Hear are some of the videos we recorded while testing this app!

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